Akinobu Kishi - Founder of Sei Ki Soho

Akinobu Kishi [photo courtesy Frans Copers]

Akinobu Kishi [photo courtesy Frans Copers]

Akinobu Kishi (1949-2012) was an internationally-renowned teacher of Japanese Hara practices.

Born in the Gunma region of Japan, Kishi Sensei was originally taught by his father, an accomplished judo master, who introduced him to manual therapy when he was just 9 years old.

His formal training took place at Tokujiro Namikoshi's Japan Shiatsu College and at the Iokai Centre in Tokyo with Masunaga Sensei.

Kishi assisted Masunaga for 10 years, and was widely regarded as the heir to his work.

In 1971 he travelled to Paris to give Zen Shiatsu treatments and teach at a time when the work was not well known. He continued to teach Zen Shiatsu internationally throughout the 70s.

At the age of 29, he experienced a profound change in consciousness out of which Sei Ki Soho emerged - a synthesis of all his life's experience and research.

Together with his wife Kyoko, Kishi taught workshops worldwide for many years and has left a rich legacy behind him.


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