Sei Ki CV

My first contact with Sei Ki was in 2003, a short article in the Shiatsu Society's magazine written by someone I now know quite well.

My sense of truth was ringing bells and when a chance came up the following year to work with her, I signed up immediately.

I'd been interested in Shiatsu for many years and had completed a foundation training with the European School of Shiatsu, but out of circumstance had stopped my training. I switched later to study Aromatherapy.

I completed much of the aromatherapy training in 2004, but it felt lacking on the energetic bodywork side and I hadn't felt attracted to the Chinese acupressure and meridian work taught within the school, taken from Shiatsu.

Soon after I met Akinobu Kishi for a treatment session in London and then in 2005 attended my first two day workshop with him.

The workshop was initially a test for me, to 'let go' and allow my 'natural mind' to take over as we went into spontaneous movement, Katsugen (he calls it) as a group. Katsugen is an important part of Sei Ki's personal development work or hara training. This has to be one of the deepest fears for personalities focused around 'control', to step off the cliff edge and let yourself fall with no guarrantees given. There was also much spontaneous healing laughter, helped along by work with Kyoko (Akinobu Kishi's wife) and I was able to bring this back for years afterwards.

I attended another weekend workshop in 2006 and again took a private treatment, which again opened up deep aspects of my unconscious. To have space to be completely authentic in the moment, is something so rare and so precious in our society and yet I found it in these sessions and in the workshops.

I chose to attend the residential 5 day workshop later that Summer and again in 2007 and in 2008 travelled with Kishi for his Japan Seminar introducing us to the archetypal influences within Japanese Shinto which had inspired his work.

Along the way I've been able to take a lot of private treatments with Akinobu Kishi and Kyoko and these are all learning experiences, in which we 'meet' and enter into resonance together. Learning, if it can be called such, is not for the head in Sei Ki, but the 'being' that is really you, beyond the mind. Finding harmony and balance as a human energy form within a body.

Again in 2009, I attended the 2 day workshop held in Brighton and could only answer to the group questions on why I was there, that it simply felt part of my Way, a journey of growth for myself and for those I share it with.

I attended the Israel workshop in May 2010 at Neve Shalom, the Garden of Peace, where Palestinians and Israelis work side by side to bridge the chasm between their communities. It was an amazingly beautiful experience to share with the people there and one that I may write more about, as it went very deep.

I tried to organise a 5 day residential for Kishi in England in 2012 but sadly he became very ill in the months beforehand and we had to cancel it. The journey of working with him and his wife Kyoko to prepare for the workshop was very special for me though and has helped me become clear about my own Way of Harmony, my Sei Ki.

My own expression of Sei Ki is evolving now, a fusion of Tai Chi foundations & natural Spiral Qi Gong as a Way towards Tao, and the ability to enter into resonance and truly meet with another person as taught by Akinobu Kishi.

I started sharing Sei Ki based classes and workshops in Jan 2013 and since then have run them on a regular basis. I love it!



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