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Tai Chi Videos performed by Anthony Fidler in 2013

Traditional Yang Tai Chi 6

A short training form taken from 24.

This is really nice to do as form of moving internal Qi Gong practice.

Performing too many movements can be a distraction from giving full attention to what you actually do.


Traditional Yang Tai Chi 9

A slightly longer training form taken from 24, extending the 6 form.

The addition of peng nu jia an on both sides, single whip & cloud hands adds a lot to this form.

Though its a little more complicated to learn, it makes for a really nice training form for Yang Tai Chi.

Balance can be practiced using the emphasis on cat stance throughout, rather than by doing the standing poses which appear after this in the full 24 sequence.


Traditional Yang Tai Chi 85 Part 1

A short training form taken from Yang Long Form 85

The first 13 movements of 85 make a beautiful training form which can be used for health purposes.

When performed well and repeated daily this form can provide all of the benefits that the Tai Chi can give and it only takes a few minutes.

Longer forms take one deeper into meditation and are satisfying somehow when one is ready for them, but at the same time can be less useful healthwise than doing this short sequence with total focus and Qi connection.

For myself, I like to do both the short forms and the long ones.


Traditional Yang Tai Chi 24

The 24 sequence practiced in the root Traditional Tai Chi way with the Small Circle emphasis on the dantian connection.

This form is more commonly performed in the modern style as shown below, but actually it transfers very cleanly to Traditional Tai Chi.

The result is a form which feels fully connected and mature, not a beginners form, although I still miss some of the changes in direction that feature regularly in 85.

Yang 24 is a more linear form which is simpler to do, while still very useful for health and meditation and that in the end is still its role.


Traditional Yang Tai Chi 85

The 85 (108) Long form sequence practiced in the root Traditional Tai Chi way with the Small Circle emphasis on the dantian connection.

This form is really the classic of Yang Style Tai Chi and is beautiful to do.

The sequence here is very similar to Long form as performed by practitioners closer to the Yang Chenfu lineage and Yang family, but there are some differences especially at the beginning and in the way of moving, more emphasis being given here on the silk reeling spiral of the lower body and upper body connection with that movement.

The session filmed here was a little fast partly due to the environmental disturbances around me.

Ideally it would take another five minutes, possibly ten minutes even, if one was really exploring the depth of the yin and yang in the movements. Still the feeling on this day was good.

Hopefully at some stage I will also add some videos of Chen Xiao Jia and Chen Lao Jia performed in a Small Circle way.


Tai Chi Videos performed by Anthony Fidler in 2005

I no longer do Tai Chi in this way, but still like the videos.

Simplified Yang Tai Chi 24

The 24 sequence practiced in the modern Beijing style with some aesthetic changes by Wang Zhi Ping.

It's interesting to note that the Simplified Yang here is more aesthetically pleasing somehow than the Traditional form I now practice eight years later.

This reflects the emphasis in the Simplified Beijing Modern style on Tai Chi as a performance rather than an internal energy art form.

The traditional form feels much more a natural expression of the whole body, emerging from the subtle Qi in the feet and dantian, but seems more demanding on my posture, which is hampered by a long term serious neck issue I have which will hopefully fix in time.


Chen Lao Jia 75 Part 1

This video covers the beginning section of Lao Jai 75.

It is performed alongside my first teacher, Wang Zhi Ping and I still like it 8 years later.

It's not easy to perform this Tai Chi in sync with another person and we hadn't practiced together performance wise much, but we were both adjusting to the timing of each other and in the end it seemed to work out okay.

This Chen Lao Jia Sequence along with the next video following are from the line of Chen Zhao Pei via a Kungfu Master and Wang Zhi Ping.

They are a little simpler and more direct than Chen Xiao Wang and his peer's forms but actually really clean and nice to do.

Sadly I don't do this form anymore.


Chen Lao Jia 75

This video covers the whole of Lao Jia 75 done in a style from the line of Chen Zhao Pei

See the comment above



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