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Anthony Fidler

Economy of the Gift / Dana

My own name for Dana, a Buddhist understanding for the mindful exchange of money and gifts is the "Economy of the Gift".

One person gives, acts, makes effort or works, however it is viewed because it comes naturally to them from their own inner response to the situation at that time. Their being wants to do it and is moved.

The response can be with total exertion i.e. one can put ones heart and soul into it, in an authentic natural way, because no energy is spent in tying the effort made, to achieving a conditioned response in return i.e. to get paid.

This doesn't mean that the 'giver' doesn't need to receive in return, to survive in the economic society that we live in right now, but that no effort has been made in trying to control or coerce the receiver with some kind of set of conditions or value placed on the gift before it can be given and received.

The natural response to receiving benefit from the efforts of another, even if it was given without awareness of the individual recipient might be gratitude and so there is an invitation for a gift to be made in return.

The return gift though is a response to the inner feeling of gratitude and not directly to the initial effort made by the original giver, so creating two unconditioned acts, which leaves both parties able to celebrate the unity and creative freedom of giving and receiving to and from life. This for me is the "economy of the gift".

This is not something familiar to us in Western society and can seem naive at first. People often say, "How much?" And I'll respond with some measure common to the local area, like the hourly rate of a good yoga class or massage, but in the end you adjust it to you own means up or down without feeling manipulated by guilt. Let it come spontaneously.

I'm interested to try this for part of my work at least and so there is a Paypal 'Gift' button below.

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