"HeartTouch": Mindfulness & Touch based Approaches for Emotional Pain, Trauma and Psychosis : London, May 23rd 2020 (Video Session)

In this workshop, we will create a video together with the Green Tree Film Company to reach out to experiencers of mental 'illness' and professionals working in the mental health field. Our intention is to inspire greater openness and eventually a paradigm shift in the way we approach emotional / mental / spiritual difficulty as a society.

This will be a transformational workshop following on from my Weathering Storms series, but with greater focus on the Compassionate Touch practice and a little less on the general mindfulness work.

Anthony Fidler

Anthony Fidler

Embodied Mindfulness is a way of being in which you are fully connected with your body and you feel safe.

Your mind is quiet and present to your experience of life happening that moment and you heart feels warm and open to yourself and to those around you.

In this state there is no mental illness, there is no 'psychosis'.

In this workshop we will explore together how Mindfulness based practices can help us to move closer towards this state of well-being.

We are not looking for 'cures' or 'fixes', we are learning to be with ourselves and to be ourselves. Just as important we are learning to be fully present with others.

As we transform the way we relate to ourselves, our experiences and the world, it is possible that the symptoms which distress us may also change.

We will make a journey through simple mindfulness practices drawn from movement work, qi gong and yoga, along with breath and sound work to bring us fully into our bodies.

Anthony teaching Sei Ki HeartTouch in Switzerland

Anthony teaching Sei Ki HeartTouch in Switzerland

We will then have some time to be with ourselves in stillness without distractions. We do this as a group together in resonance. You will not be alone!

And then we can share something of what it is like to be 'us' and be heard.

We will also explore how Mindfulness can help us understand what happens when we have a psychosis.

Our final practice will be mindfulness and touch based in which we learn to enter into resonance with another person.

When we share this work together, we learn for a short time what embodied mindfulness truly is and from this state we can grow.

About Anthony:

He is British, 48 and has been exploring Meditation, Tai Chi and Ki based Therapeutic Bodywork for the past 20 years. He had his own journey of anxiety and what we can call psychosis over many years and now shares his experiences as a mindfulness teacher.

For more on Anthony's background and experience: Click here


The event is being hosted by Dr. Tamara Russell, Mindfulness Centre of Excellence. She will support Anthony in holding the space.

This workshop is open to those with their own experience of extreme anxiety, trauma and what may be considered psychosis or serious 'mental illness'. (Nb. I prefer more human language and not labels).

We also welcome anyone whose life is touched through others experiencing 'challenges' i.e. clinicians, therapists, carers, friends and family or students interested in working in this field. Others may also be welcome - please contact me to discuss.

Nb. Therapists: Please leave your hats at the door! In this work we are all just human beings with our life journeys, difficulties, beauty and pain.

The event is by invitation. The application process is as follows:

  • We request that people apply by contacting us
  • Then complete the application form we send out and return it to us.
  • We will then come back to you and may ask to speak on the phone.
  • We will send an invoice for the workshop fee which can be paid by bank transfer.
  • We will then confirm your place on the workshop

Nb. The intention with the application is to get a feel whether applicants are in a good 'space' to benefit from the practices being offered with the support we will have available on the day. I have been through this myself in the past and am very aware of how it can feel. We are not intending any blanket decisions based on 'diagnosis'. Please don't be put off! Thank you, Anthony.


In agreement with Green Tree Film Company this workshop will be on a not-for-profit basis. We need to cover costs however and so will charge a small fee. Any excess will go back into the Weathering Storms project to subsidise attendance by those with need on very low incomes. The facilitators welcome 'dana' for their work on the day.

  • Individual Fee: tba
  • Concession Fee: tba

Nb. We are happy to offer the concessionary price for those in an unwaged / low waged situation and don't want to turn anyone away because of 'money', but also recognise the need to value the places on the workshop. Please contact us to discuss this. Again I've been in this situation myself. Anthony.

Testimonials from a similar workshop recently offered for emotional pain and anxiety:

Your workshop was very useful because it gave me a lot of tools to help me relax in a more profound way, acknowledge my feelings and come back to my body. I also loved the compassionate touch practices & I found them very rewarding, a great way to connect with other people and to honour our basic humanity. Monica

Thank you so much for the course on Sunday, it was very good, and I felt so relaxed. Solveig

For me the workshop appeased my emotions and some blockages around my heart were gone after the first parts of the training, especially during the Sei Ki [touch practice] and also when moving freely around the room. It was also of great help when you told me that sometimes people overwhelmed with emotions make a deep sound coming from their throat, pulling out whatever reactions held within themselves and translated into emotions that were choking them. Aurora

Testimonials from my Zen Mindfulness for Emotional Pain & Anxiety Courses:

Thank you very much, it took me a long way to deal with my "anxiety". You and your sessions were playing a big role on this by bringing me more close the concept of mindfulnees and learning me some exercices I can easily integrate in my daily life. Thank you very much for this. I never told you how greatful I'am that I had the chance to meet you, but I think it since a while! M.P.

A video library giving a feel for my work and its influences

1) Anthony demonstrating his basic Qi Walking practice.

Anyone who has studied with me will know that this is my signature whatever class I'm teaching. There will always be spontaneous modifications and side practices woven into it, but 'walking into mindfulness' for me really contains the core of mindfulness practice and you can take it with you everywhere. It is a highly practical method for grounding and centering oneself so ideal for dealing with anxiety in public places.

Click here for Video

2) A brief glimpse into the world of Oomoto, Japan from my visit in 2008.

Here the head priestess is performing a slow walking dance to the chanting. I don't always know where my influences come from, but this and the other demonstrations that evening play some part in my feeling when I share walking practices.

Click here for Video

3) Anthony demonstrating formless Qi Gong

Gyoki is a simple formless Qi Gong, though in this case it has come from my Japanese culture, not Chinese. I use a little Chinese Qi Gong at the beginning often to help people connect with it, though this isn't absolutely necessary or part of the deeper practice. It is a superb way to get out of your head and into embodied 'being' mode, as mindfulness calls 'no mind'. There is nothing for the thinking mind to do...

Click here for Video

4) Ba Duan Jin is a beautiful and simple Qi Gong sequence to open the body.

This is a sample to show the quality of movement possible while performing it. Master Yang is my Chinese Tai Chi teacher, and like him I do this along with my Tai Chi forms, at least once a day.

Click here for Video

5) Maeda Sensei demonstrating sitting Hacha Rikki with the basic Kotodama sounds.

I have been very inspired by this work over the years and use it in my own life and teaching to clear difficult emotional fields and bring power to my centre or that of my students. A great way to transform acute anxiety states and empower the individual towards a more centred relationship with life.

Click here for Video

6) Demonstration of Seitai Katsugen Undo in Japan with Noguchi Sensei.

I really like this little video. Generally this kind of session is considered private and so it is rarely filmed or shared widely. The women are demonstrating classic katsugen or regenerative movement expression.

There is not an idea of medicine with this kind of work. Rather it is about become whole, connecting with the deeper aspects of who we are, and in this there is usually a shift towards greater sensitivity in oneself in a healthy way. One may get colds more easily as the body is stronger and makes use of these natural mechanisms to balance and clean itself as the seasons change. A whole new philosophy on health!

You generally feel things more clearly in the body, so pain can become more intense for a while, not less, but there is a sense that it is ok and in time it may pass when one allows it to be there. You also become more self aware of your emotions and healthy desires become clearer. We often get so confused with unhealthy desires especially if we use them as ways to soothe ourselves and this practice resets things and brings a reality back.

I make use of this practice myself regularly but especially if stuck in a high agitation state as its a way back into my body and reality.

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7) Demonstration of Katsugen Undo by Javier Unsho

This is a beautiful demonstration by Javier. He makes use of classic Noguchi Taisos, opening exercises to bring himself into the spontaneous state and demonstrates a real openness in his movement.

My own body has deep tensions from birth perhaps and emotional difficulty and so what comes out is not so smooth and can cross over into what I call 'Crazy Zen', in which things may not look so tidy and may involve emotional expression in the extreme.

It is healthy private movement and expression, not something to be judged in a pathological way. This is a deep state of dynamic meditative awareness, in which ones meets with ones deeper self and allows it to move you and express. The feeling is great, whatever the expression and is different to conventional emotional work as it comes from the whole being as a form of 'cleaning' rather than the usual reactive expression which reinforces inner emotional patterns.

What is important is a well held non-judgemental space and a good hug afterwards.

Click here for Video

8) Anthony demonstrating Sei Ki Compassionate Touch / HeartTouch.

Anthony learnt this work from Akinobu Kishi Sensei, one of the disciples of the founder of modern Shiatsu, who continued to evolve his own style of meeting another human being in what he called resonance or energetic heart connection.

The practice itself is incredibly simple and is effectively a style of meditation in which you allow another person to join you if they wish.

What follows is a deep entry in what Paul Gilbert has called the soothing state, a simple good feeling of being together.

The body responds to the sudden depth of entry into this state by initiating its dynamic house keeping, which naturally leaves the person feeling more embodied and 'who they are'.

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For more background information on Sei Ki: Click here

Please Contact Me if you would be interested in attending. Thank you.



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