Moving on ...

Embodied Mindfulness Skills for Wellness,
Connection and Renewal during uncertain times

Daniela Coronelli
10 & 11 October 2020
(10.00am-5.00pm BST & 11.00am-6.00pm CEST)
Hosted on Zoom

Open to individuals and organizations who would like to integrate mindfulness and connection skills as well as re-energising practices at home and at work.

It is intended to resource people who are experiencing the effects of prolonged stress and are feeling overwhelmed because of overwork or reacting negatively to the recent pandemic and the constraints of lock-down.

We will be working with both tried & tested Mindfulness practices and with ground-breaking restorative skills to calm and sooth the nervous system. These methods are designed to transform reactivity and loneliness into resilience and co-operation.

They are backed up by the latest scientific understanding of the functioning of the nervous system on feeling safe and connected, the Polyvagal theory.

What are Mindfulness & Connection skills?

Mindfulness skills are practices which bring us to a state of embodied mindfulness. This is a way of being in which we are fully connected with our body and feel safe. Our mind is quiet and present to our experience of life happening that moment and our heart feels warm and open to our self and to those around us.

Connection skills are practices which develop our capacity to relate to others, whether that be to share time in harmony or to collaborate on some work or to compassionately support someone in need.

What can you take away from this course?

    Calming and restoring body & mind

  • 1 Body & Breath anchoring practices
  • 2 Grounding, Centering & Re-energising exercises and movement
  • 3 Safety & Connection in Being and Doing
  • Attention training and emotional agility

  • 4 Allowing the reality of here and now
  • 5 De-centering from sabotaging thoughts & feelings
  • Caring, connection & co-operation

  • 6 Mindful listening, speaking and connection skills
  • 7 Cultivating a caring and compassionate mode of being
Is it for you?

This course offers embodied-mindfulness and restorative skills for people experiencing the effects of prolonged stress and possibly traumatic recent events whether this is in one's personal or professional life. If care is not taken, this situation can escalate into serious burnout, anxiety disorders and depression.

Cost & Booking
  • Full: £140 or £100 (when booked and fully paid before 10th September)
  • 4 Concessions Available: £80 (when booked and fully paid before 10th September)
  • Included in the cost are all the recordings of the course.
  • We are also able to accept payments in Euros.
To find out more & for on-line booking, please contact:

Anthony: or visit

Daniela: or visit:

You can also contact me: Anthony via this website here

Support after the course

For people or organizations who would like to continue to be supported in their exploration of the practices after the initial weekend course we are offering access to a 5-week online programme. Through the programme, we will hold weekly evening sessions to practice together, discuss progress amongst the group and answer any questions that may have come up for you.

One-to-one online coaching sessions with either Daniela or Anthony will also be available on request.

In addition, Daniela offers fortnightly mindfulness group meetings.

Nb. These services are not included in the main course fee. Details on request.

The Course Facilitators
Anthony Fidler
Anthony Fidler

Anthony is 49 years old, a graduate of Cambridge University, a Tai Chi teacher, Zen & Mindfulness teacher and Sei Ki Energy work practitioner & teacher. He has been teaching his own adaptions of Sei Ki around Europe, Thailand and Brazil for the past 7 years.

Over the years, he has had to face many personal challenges with his physical and emotional / mental-health and this has left him with a deep well of experience in this field.

He is passionate about assisting people with their emotional and mental health and is active in promoting evolution within the mental health care systems.

Daniela Coronelli
Daniella Coronelli

Daniela has an on-going interest in what can bring about peace, well-being and creativity to our lives and brings to the course a longstanding experience in mindfulness practice and teaching. Over the years, she has enjoyed supporting people who are living with stress, exhaustion & pain with a number of complementary therapies, including Seiki-Shiatsu Touch & Amerta Somatic Movement. Based in Totnes, Devon (UK), she has run an established Shiatsu & Mindfulness practice for many years, prior to the pandemic. During the lock-down she has continued working with clients and groups on-line and has recently re-started welcoming people face to face. Since 2002, Daniela has been facilitating Mindfulness, Seiki-Shiatsu and Amerta Movement for health & education organizations, shiatsu colleges and private groups, in the UK and in Italy, where she originated. She is a registered Mindfulness for Stress & Pain Management Teacher in the UK (BAMBA) and Shiatsu Teacher with the Shiatsu Society in UK.
In her work she follows their good practice guidelines.


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