Sei Ki: HeartTouch : Luxembourg : 5th September 2019

Location: Private Address - Roodt-sure-Syre

Time : Thursday 5th September 19.00-21.30

Taught by : Anthony Fidler

Covering :

  • Meditative Sitting & Movement Practices
  • Sound Yoga for shifting emotional stagnation.
  • Energy Cultivation & Sensitivity Practices
  • Human Connection Practices: Breathing Together, Touch Quality
  • Sei Ki HeartTouch: Simple Form & Introduction to Formless / Empty Touch.

Sei Ki HeartTouch is a simple but beautiful practice that we can use to help another person to feel happier and more comfortable within themselves.

It it a touch based practice which originated with Japanese Zen Shiatsu, but evolved into something far more sensitive. There are no books, theories, right or wrongs, just plain sensitivity and heart feeling. We can all do this, it is not magic.

We will start with a little Zen meditation, sitting or walking and then some Qi Gong to develop our sensitivity and then move on to exploring the touch practice with a partner.

I encourage people to continue exploring this work with friends and family. It is particularly nice as a way of deepening trust within a relationship, exploring intimacy away from sexual relations.

There are many benefits to be had from this practice, both for the giver and the receiver. It is the ultimate stress relief for both people.

As well as needing to learn how to give care, we often need to learn how to be open to receiving it. Along the way our capacity for empathy with others develops and our emotional intelligence.

We can then take this wisdom with us into every human interaction so it is ultimately for the benefit of everyone we share our lives with.

Please Contact Me if you are interested in learning this beautiful practice.

About Anthony :

Anthony is British and is 48 years old and has spent much of his adult life in India, Thailand & China exploring Yang & Chen Style Tai Chi, Vipassana & Zen Meditation & many different styles of therapy and bodywork. His main teachers are Akinobu Kishi for Sei Ki, Father Ama Samy for Zen & Yang Dong Bao for Tai Chi.

He worked with Kishi Sensei between 2004 and 2012 and has been teaching Sei Ki for the past six years. He also teaches Zen Mindfulness and brings this depth into all of his work.

Workshop Details

Class numbers will be limited to 4 participants so please contact me early on if you wish to participate in this class.

The fee is 30 Eur.

One place is available on a 'Dana' basis for anyone on a low income.


Payment can be made by SEPA Transfer, please contact me for bank details or cash on the day.

Please Contact Me here to reserve your space on the workshop. Thank you.

Completed Sei Ki Events (not all):

Sei Ki: Crazy Zen & HeartTouch : Luxembourg : 3rd May 2019

We had a great session together at Vedanza Dance Studios early in May. Four students and myself first exploring the somatic movement spontaneous practices, crazy movement and voice work, and then moving on to the touch practices. There were calls for a regular class & training! Super relaxing stuff...

Sei Ki HeartTouch Training - Koh Yao Noi: January 2019

Five students spent 20 hours with me over five days exploring Katsugen and Sei Ki with the intention of making use of it as an addition to their professional therapeutic work. Beautiful week. We finished off with an 'exam' in which students invited in clients from outside with no experience of the work to receive treatments. Feedback was great and students left with confidence to work on others.

Testimonial from the workshop - Swiss German Shiatsu Student 'F.'

English: I already had an insight in Seiki and Anthony's work, so I was very excited to work 1 entire week on Seiki. It was a great experience, especially the warm-hearted and friendly teaching which Anthony aporaches Seiki. Seiki itself is a soft, beautiful therapy with a lot of humaneness and acceptance, without judging people. I can reccomend it to Shiatsu therapeut and people interessted in experiencing a human way of touching.

German: Ich habe bereits an einem Seiki Workshop von Anthony teilgenommen und war sehr gespannt, währen einer Woche einen vertieften Einblick in Seiki zu erhalten. Es war eine wunderbare Erfahrung. Ich habe inbesondere die warmherzige, freundliche und sehr menschliche Herangehensweise von Anthony und seine Art zu Unterrichten geschätzt. Seiki selber ist eine sehr sanfte, weiche und menschliche Art der Therapie ohne einen Menschen und seine Reaktionen zu bewerten noch einzuordnen. I persönlich kann Seiki an alle Körpertherapeuten sowie Menschen empfehlen, welche an einer sanften und menschlichen Herangehensweise von Berührung interessiert sind.

Sei Ki HeartTouch for Health & Healing : Luxembourg : 31st August 2018

I shared several Sei Ki evening sessions at a private address through August / September 2018.

Sei Ki HeartTouch Workshop : Hariko, Luxembourg March 2018

I taught an evening workshop at Hariko for the Contact Dance community and we had a really nice time together. I hope to do more.

Sei Ki at the Summer of Love Festival, Kiental, Switzerland: 23-26th August

We had a beautiful time at the festival this year, sharing 3 sessions of 'Crazy Zen' along with a bit of Tai Chi and one session of Sei Ki HeartTouch. All set with an amazing yoga festival. Nice place!

Sei Ki HeartTouch : Locarno, Switzerland March 2018

We had a beautiful weekend workshop in Locarno with a fairly large group on the Saturday and a more personal one on the Sunday.

Sei Ki HeartTouch : Sri Lanka - February 2018

This was a spontaneous surprise! I had a desire to run a short workshop on the island and then the whole thing manifested itself without any stress or effort. Really nice...

Sei Ki for Therapists : Thailand - January 2018

I ran a week long series of workshops combining Sei Ki, Qi Gong and Mindfulness. We had plenty of time spread out through the week to explore some great katsugen as well as plenty of touch work.

Sei Ki Workshops throughout 2017 - Switzerland, Brazil, Italy

I taught many Sei Ki workshops with an emphasis on applications for psychologists and psychiatrists.

Sei Ki Compassionate Touch for Health & Healing : 18th September 2016

Five of us met for the Sunday afternoon to explore Sei Ki together. It is not something easy to explain without having experienced it, but on this occasion I again felt guided to take the group into Katsugen, with quite a bit of emotions release along the way.

For the second half of the afternoon we explore the gentle touch work which was quite beautiful. As ever, the feeling once you are in the zone, is to want more time!!! You don't want it to stop...

Sei Ki for Health & Healing : Evening Workshop 29th July 2016

On this occasion we did a comprehensive exploration of Katsugen Regenerative Movement. We covered the foundation meditation and Qi Gong in depth and then moved through both Akinobu Kishi's Ki Opening Exercises and Noguchi Sensei's Katsugen Opening Exercises.

We finished off with an hour exploring Sei Ki Compassionate Touch.

The group was a reasonable size, five of us altogether and it was a good evening, though as always we wanted more time in the end.

Sei Ki for Health & Healing : Evening Workshop 9th June 2016

Normally I would have cancelled as there was just myself and one student for the evening, but I didn't feel to do so and was right, because it was a really special evening.

What happened was a private tutorial for 3 hours, with quite a bit of talking on altered states of consciousness first and then a 1 1/2 practice of Gyoki and Katsugen.

We had no time for Sei Ki Compassionate Touch in the end, but it didn't feel important anyway on this occasion.

Sei Ki for Health & Healing : Luxembourg Evening Class 24th May 2016

Again this was a small class, we were just 3 people, but it was a beautiful evening.

On this occasion I gave a theoretical introduction to Katsugen Undo and then we put it into practice making full use of the 3 hour session. Again we wanted more time!

We finished off with a fairly short exploration of the 2 person healing work.

Sei Ki for Health & Healing : Luxembourg Evening Class 18th April 2016

We were a small group, just 3 students and myself, but it was a beautiful evening and the agreement was to run a follow up workshop as soon as possible!

Sei Ki Workshop, Warsaw, Poland September 11th-13th 2015

A 14 hour Sei Ki workshop in a cosy pre-war house in the suburbs of Warsaw. I had 3-4 students over the course, so small and friendly.

It was an interesting experience and a first for me, teaching a longer Sei Ki workshop in an intensive retreat environment.


Sei Ki Workshop, Kalborn, Luxembourg August 30th 2015

This was a short introductory workshop on Sei Ki lasting 2 hours in a beautiful retreat house in the North of Luxembourg.

A really nice day!


Sei Ki Workshops, Koh Yao Noi, Thailand December 2014

Multiple Sei Ki workshops usually lasting 4 hours each. Groups were fairly small, usually 4 people per session, but they were very interesting nonetheless.


Sei Ki Workshop, Koh Yao Noi, Thailand January 2013

Two day Sei Ki workshop lasting 8 hours. I had 6 students and it was a great experience for all.


Sei Ki Workshop, Koh Yao Noi, Thailand January 2012

One day Sei Ki workshops lasting 4 hours. I had 12 students, so a full house and it was a great experience. It left me with an appetite to do more.



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