The work of Anthony Fidler relating to Spiritual Emergency and 'Psychosis'.

Anthony Fidler

Anthony Fidler

Since March 2017, I have been giving workshops and talks on the topics of spiritual emergency and what we can call psychosis.

My talks are rooted in my own personal experiences and not from academic study.

They have usually been given to psychological professionals, but also family members and some members of the public with experience of their own.

I believe what is of interest in my offering, is the depth of clarity which I am able to give on these experiences, and also the manner in which I am able to authentically relate to and own my experiences in a down to earth way. The heart opening is contagious.

What will become clear if you explore my work, is the level of 'journey' I've undergone, since saying goodbye to my psychiatrist and medication, exploring alternative approaches to first stabilise and then thrive in my life.

As can be seen from my main website:, I have delved deeply into Zen, Mindfulness, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Compassionate Connection practices (especially those based around Japanese bodywork) over the past 20 years, and I now hope to help create recovery programs based around these for others in similar extreme situations.

I would be happy to hear from anyone interested in fresh approaches to mental health care and am able to travel to give talks or present my ever evolving methods.

I think having read some of my work, you can only agree that mental health practices 'could be better'. It is not easy to see how change can happen though for many reasons.

To date I have mainly worked with professionals and I believe this is an important starting place. The more they are able to connect with themselves and be mindful of how they themselves are when sharing space with someone experiencing an extreme state, the more they will be able to find compassionate solutions to help.

Obviously having more understanding and then empathy for the person in distress will facilitate a better 'connection' and hence response from the person.

In the end, it is a lot about 'love', whether we are comfortable with this language or not.


- Mindfulness for Psychosis London Sep 14th More...

Nb. I am open for invitation to make presentations and/or run practical workshops with any organisation interested to explore non-pharmacology and non-coercive based methods of working with people experiencing extreme anxiety and confusion states (psychosis).

I am happy to travel and am experienced working with translators, so language is not an issue.

Please Contact Me to discuss your interest.

Here is the material I've shared online so far:

There have been many more talks but they've been given to private audiences.

  • Time for a Paradigm Shift in Mental Health Care - To be published in a book on Navigating Spiritual Emergency early 2020: Click here
  • Reflection Essay on Weathering Storms: Mindfulness Applications for Emotional Pain, Trauma and Psychosis Workshop at Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London. November 2018: Click here
  • Reflection Essay on a short trial of my work at the Dragon Cafe, creative 'mental health' space in September 2018: Click here
  • Letter to the Psychiatric Profession - Published in BPS Transpersonal Psychology Review May 2018: Click here
    Same letter in Landscape format Click here
    If you wish to see the journal itself: Click here
  • Interview with the London Philosophy Society: March 2018: Click here
    or go to the PhilosophyForLife website and click on the link at the bottom of the page Click here
  • Talk with the London Philosophy Society on Navigating 'Spiritual Emergency': Click here
  • Interview with Dr. Tamara Russell - May 2018: Click here
  • Video Interview with Dr. Tamara Russell - September 2018: Click here

Past Work in this field:

Compassion Training through Touch, Ticino

Compassion Training through Touch, Ticino

The Highlights of 2018 so far:

  • November: Weathering Storms: Mindfulness based Applications for Emotional Pain, Trauma & Psychosis Workshop, Jamyang, London

  • October: Crazy Zen & HeartTouch for Psychosis at Dragon Cafe, London

  • June: Published a paper / letter in the BPS & gave a presentation at BPS London
  • May: Participated in a Spiritual Emergency presentation in London
  • March:
    - Presented in the Schizophrenia Awareness festival in Lugano including discussion on stigma and the role of Tai Chi as a daily balancing therapy.

    - One day workshop for psychological professionals in Milan on understanding madness / psychosis.

    - Practice Weekend in Locarno sharing some of my methodology for helping both professionals and experiencers come into their hearts, bodies and quieten their minds.
  • April: - Online interview with Tamara Russell on Mindfulness for Psychosis
  • May: - Talk in London on Spiritual Emergency with the London Philosophy Society

The Highlights of 2017:

  • March: Lectures and teaching on Mindfulness & Psychosis - Bellinzona, Switzerland
  • May: Talk on Mindfulness for Psychosis at London Philosophy Society
  • June: Talk on Psychosis at Supsi University, Switzerland for Psychiatric Nurses
  • June: A day of Zen Mindfulness & HeartTouch for Psychologists, Ticino
  • July: 2 day workshop on Zen Mindfulness & HeartTouch for Psychosis : Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • August: 5 day Zen Mindfulness & HeartTouch retreat for Psychologists in Switzerland
  • October: 1 day Introduction to Zen Mindfulness & HeartTouch for Psychology related professionals in Milan.



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